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The Attie Project

Lips Cafe, December 2021

Perry Easton is a fine-art mixed media artist from Brooklyn, New York. As a first-generation American with family from Guyana, Perry's work focuses on expressing cultural traditions and values at risk of becoming lost. He was introduced to the creative arts in his early years but never took the arts seriously until his late twenties.

After minimal schooling, Perry turned to the retail industry and started to develop his skills in horology (the art of watchmaking). He went through a formal apprenticeship in Paris, working as a custom watchmaker for popular watch brand in NYC. Upon seeing a timepiece's anatomy first-hand, Perry had a visceral reaction to this newfound canvas for his signature work.

In time 1080p continues to express his emotion and social impurities throughout his work. With the usage of multi-facet mediums, there is no telling what’s to come with his creative perspective, the opportunities are boundless. While striving for his work to continue to evoke change within communities across the globe with a simple message; slow down and make time for those that matter.

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