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Lips Cafe, October 2021

Raised in Newark, New Jersey at the height of the Black Power Movement, and during the eighties, as graffiti became the newest form of self-expression, XPLOREFREEDOM realized early on, the joining of these ideals would be the inspiration for his work.

The self-taught artist began experimenting with graffiti during the eighties and nineties. 

He began incorporating different mediums such as markers, watercolor, and even house paint—with spray paint always remaining a constant. Since that time, he has broadened his scope of work to now include materials such as, reclaimed wood, rich textiles, and many other unconventional items.

2009 was a pivotal year for the artist. At the urging of friends, fellow artists, and collectors, he began creating work for formal exhibition.  Pieces created in the years prior were sold by word-of-mouth through a broadening circle that created an increasingly steady demand.

He currently lives and works in Newark—a limitless source of inspiration. His travels across Europe, The Caribbean, North and South America, have greatly impacted the way he sees the world around him, and with each discovery of a new locale, its traditions, and culture, it strengthens his belief that art truly has the power to invoke change in the world.

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