The Art Mavens presents bi-monthly exhibitions in collaboration with Lips Cafe at their Brooklyn location in addition to pop-up exhibitions throughout the tri-state area.

Submissions will be on a rolling basis and reviewed monthly.

New artist showing every: Jan, March, May, July, Sep, Nov.

Selected artist will be contacted 6 weeks prior to beginning of each new exhibition. 

In general, the selection process will be made on a series of factors, such as:

  • Artistic skills.

  • Creative ideas and concepts.

  • Artists statement / description of the work(s). 

  • The cohesiveness of the group of works submitted.

Eligibility & Terms 

  • All artwork submitted must be ready to hang or install. Works on paper must be framed. Photographs must be framed. 

  • Artists living outside NYC are also welcome to apply, however you will be responsible for artwork shipping costs. 

  • Artists may submit up to 5 works.